Winter Wisdom - Herbal Allies and Practices for Seasonal Depression

 January 27th, 2022 from 5:30-6:30 pm  (Pacific Coast Time)

 In the Northern Hemisphere we currently find ourselves in the grey, dismal, post-holiday haze that is for many a hard time to continue to persevere.   

 Now more than ever the need for creating and nurturing our community is vital to staying clear, healthy, and on-track with our life purpose(s).

What we will cover during this free online (live via Zoom 1 hour workshop:

   * Medicinal plants which help to balance our hormones, calm our nerves, and fortify ourselves throughout the most difficult seasons of the year (and our lives)

   * Recipes for nourishing traditional Winter meals

   * Practices for uplifting our Spirits 

 During this FREE online offering Original Instructions School founder Brittany Jade  with share useful recipes and details for persevering through the winter months