Grandmother Shirley speaks about Thunder Dreamers

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  •  I am a veteran Doula and decided to gift myself both of the Original Instructions Doula certification trainings.... they have re-enlivened my practice, taught me skills in herbalism, acupressure, and ritual that I have not gotten from other trainings. I highly recommend this course to both aspiring and practicing Doulas!

    Sabrina Lutes
    The Heartwood Spiral Doula Services

  • “Brittany is truly a gift to this planet. As a herbalist she brings such a vast knowledge and depth of understanding to the plant kingdom. She carries a deep wisdom in her teaching and workshops that all herbalism practitioners can draw from. She is an amazing teacher that blends humor,  songs , stories and an a fire bolt encyclopedia of information. I am very grateful to have studied with her. It has influenced my work tremendously.”

    Facilitator of Medicine Weavings Retreats

    Athena Guzman-Poole

  • " Be it Herbalism, North and South American shamanism, Midwifery,...Brittany has a lot to offer us. And her gift to share and communicate in a down to Earth, sassy fashion is indeed delightful.”

    Creator of Suffering Sucks

    Gil Erez

  • " Brittany has an extensive knowledge of herbology, Amazonian botanicals as well as being versed in almost all areas of holistic health and alternative healing modalities. I am always excited to collaborate with Brittany in any project as her dedication, focus and knowledge base is so powerful.”

    Founder of Amaveda

    Emily Shaw

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