Our Mission | Original Instructions School

Our Mission

   A countless number of generations ago Human Beings were given original instructions by the Great Spirit for how to exist as humans in harmony with the Earth and our purpose here. Now, more than ever before, most of us have ceased to live our daily lives in a way that follows the Original Instructions. Because of this, sickness and confusion are ruling over humanity.

  In order to regain a thriving and sustainable lifestyle for ourselves and future generations we must remember the old stories and hone our new skills. No matter how forgotten and buried beneath the concrete our ancient knowledge seems to be, every Human Being has direct access to the Original Instructions because they are recorded in our

Ancestral Memory.

  We are thankful to announce that our impeccable group of holistic and traditional practitioners  have gathered here from around the globe to offer you the Original Instructions School of Traditional Medicine and practical skills. The Original Instructions school is dedicated to providing accessible education in areas of study which support, exemplify and preserve a way of human life that is in alignment with the Original Instructions. While attending our online modules you will have the opportunity to become trained in a wide variety of traditional medicine and healing arts vocations on a schedule that is catered to your needs.

  As you learn with us you will have the opportunity to receive hands-on training with our Original Instructions School teachers as well as receive knowledge from medicine elders in person at our Original Instructions practicum weeks. These exclusive week long retreats will be hosted at various nature based locations around the world and will give our students the chance to put their theoretical knowledge to practice while having an unforgettable experience.