Ylang Ylang

December 10, 2018

Ylang Ylang


Conspicuously transcribed

on the edge of your birthmark,

much like in the lines on my palm,

the promise of our love.


 Fragrant gentle morning breezes

engulf warm monsoon rains.


Sacred mountains growing so steep

they carried us closer. 


Against all odds;

an ocean of water 

where it meets the desert's end.


Our sea of love

which extends forever,

has washed up upon so many 

different islands of consciousness,

and has given birth

to a million different incarnations

and combinations

of us. 


Stormy nights I woke 

to the scent of you visiting me yet again

on the illuminated plateaus

where creation and humanity meet.


 Our place,

where only love is the deciding factor

and ancient promises still reside.





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