Restorative Winter Retreat


Restorative Winter Retreat 


   Asheville, NC

  January 18th-20th, 2019

Join this potent group of women for an unforgettable weekend on a 65 acre Buffalo farm.

  Over the course of this two-day long retreat to you have the opportunity to enrich and enliven your knowledge about caring holistically for your female body through nutrition, herbalism, uterine massage, ceremonies, and more

   We will be gathered together from 10am - 6pm each day, during which time we will be learning, experiencing, and practicing the women's medicine teachings surrounding wellness and self-care. 

Your investment includes all classes, lunch both days, all materials for your take-home preparations, class materials, coffee, teas, and drinking water.

   Although we will not be physically gathered together on Saturday evening, we ask that participants try to make mindful choices so as to be fully receptive for teachings on Sunday.

   The venue is at a beautiful retreat-style location within 15 minutes of downtown Asheville, with ample space for us to interact with the medicinal plants and elements of Nature we will be learning about. 


  " In a world with so much disregard for the sacred, we offer this course on women's medicine with the prayer that through these classes your true self is nourished and fortified. "


Our Restorative WInter Retreat Program Includes: 

   - Herbalism For Harder Seasons of The Year, and Our Lives

   - Fiber Arts Classes (Spinning, Weaving, and Hoop Weaving) 

   - Medicinal Meal Preparation

   DIY Restorative Natural Body Care (Body Oils and Scrubs)

   -Traditional Storytelling and Singing


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