Restorative Winter Retreat, Asheville, NC


Restorative Winter Retreat 


   Asheville, NC

  January 19th-20th, 2019

The Original Instructions School of Traditional Medicine and Practical Skills is elated to be offering our Restorative Winter Retreats, which are designed with the purpose of bringing fortification and rejuvenated throughout the hardest months of Winter.
Seasonal depression can often be caused by the depletion of essential nutrients from our bodies coupled with understimulating social and psychological elements. Many people who live in regions which remain extremely cold, wet, and grey for weeks and months at a time have experienced some form of seasonal depression or "cabin fever". Traditionally, Indigenous peoples from all continents have cultivated many practices surrounding holistic self-care throughout the Winter months including herbal medicines, foods, crafts, medicinal baths, ceremonies, and more. These many practices have formed through countless generations of human beings discovering what are allies are when traveling through the darker times of the year and of life. Our    Original Instructions Restorative Winter Retreats weave together a warm blanket with strands of traditional practices from the four corners of the world. It is our prayer that after experiencing our Restorative Winter Programs you will not only be restored to your optimal state, but also that you carry the self-care tools you'll learn with you throughout all of the harder times of your life.
  During our in-person Restorative Winter Retreats you will experience have the opportunity to relax in our comfy and cozy retreat- style venue while you nourish yourself with the medicinal meals, adaptogenic herbal teas, and balancing treatments.
We believe in sharing basic practices which are steeped in ancestral wisdom and support people in healing themselves. During this retreat you will have the opportunity to partake in and learn how to:

- Make DIY natural and anti-aging body scrubs, serums, and salves
- Prepare Warming and Medicinal Meals
- Incorporate Appropriate Herbal Allies Into Your Winter Routine
- Center Yourself Through Hard Times
- Create Traditional Winter Crafts

  Everything that we make during our Restorative Winter Retreat is yours to take home with you along with any recipes, songs, stories, and patterns we share throughout the weekend.
You can chose to attend our Restorative Winter Retreats at one of the many locations we will offer them at in 2019.


  * Sorry guys, this particular Restorative Winter Retreat is for women only.

  We are happy to note that this year's Restorative Winter retreat will have an emphasis on natural fiber arts including fiber spinning and weaving! Lily Savitsky will be joining us to share her skills with traditional fiber arts. 

  The venue is at a beautiful retreat-style location within 8 minutes of downtown Asheville, with ample space for us to interact with the medicinal plants and elements of Nature we will be learning about. 

Investment: 240$ with lodging the night of the 18th, or

                    180$ without lodging the night of the 18th

*Your investment includes all treatments, DIY workshops and materials, crafting supplies, herbal teas, and medicinal meals. 


  " In a world with so much disregard for the sacred, we offer this course on women's medicine with the prayer that through these classes your true self is nourished and fortified. "


Our Restorative WInter Retreat Program Includes: 

   - Herbalism For Harder Seasons of The Year, and Our Lives

   - Fiber Arts Classes (Spinning, Weaving, and Hoop Weaving) 

   - Medicinal Meal Preparation

   DIY Restorative Natural Body Care (Body Oils and Scrubs)

   -Traditional Storytelling and Singing


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