Women's Medicine: Self-Care


Women's Medicine: Self-Care

An online holistic herbalism course for everyday women

   This online course is designed for any woman who would benefit from further wisdom about how to care for her body, mind, and spirit through nourishing traditional self-care practices.

   Your Original Instructions teachers Brittany Jade Gelinas, Rachael Henrichsen, Christine Mcardle-Oquendo, and guest speakers from around the world deliver lessons centered around the everyday self-care practices which enhance our vitality and longevity as women. These teachings include training in herbalism, nutrition, yoga, Chinese medicine, traditional indigenous self-care practices, and more.

 This online correspondence course is set up to last at 8 weeks. However, it is a work at your own pace course. Every week for eight weeks your new lesson will show up and you will choose when it suits you best to complete each assignment. 

  In a world with so much disregard for the sacred, we offer this course on women's medicine with the prayer that through these classes your true self is nourished and fortified. 

  Our Women's Medicine: Self-Care online course includes classes on

  - Herbalism

  - Bowspring yogic posture

  - Chinese Medicine acupressure and MOXA techniques

   - Medicinal baths and yoni steams

   - DIY natural skin/ hair care and anti-aging treatments

   - Holistic nutrition  

   - Exercises for promoting and maintaining the muscle tone of the vaginal walls and pelvic floor

   - Traditional Indigenous feminine customs including songs and storytelling


   Our Women's Medicine: Self-Care online correspondence course is comprised of a total of:

     - 10 hour-long online classes which arrive in your email inbox each week, and consist of video, text, images, questions, relevant resources, and exercises

     - 1.5 hours total of guided reading and journaling

     - 1 hour total of live (web) classroom learning 

     - 30 minutes of personal integration (over the phone) coaching at the conclusion of your course. 

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