Traditional Shamanic Herbalism, Chico, CA


Traditional Shamanic Herbalism

a weekend immersion workshop

During this weekend-long immersion into the world of traditional shamanic Herbalism we will explore the common golden thread of truth which builds the fabric of traditional medicine practices within Indigenous lineages throughout time and space.
This Original Instructions herbalism training is worthwhile for those who work with medicinal plants and plant ceremonies, as well as for those who wish to deepen their relationship with the Plant Nations.

Throughout our 10 classroom hours together we will:

- Learn about traditional shamanic ways to prepare plant medicine.
- Explore relevant historical and contemporary ceremonies involving plant medicines.
- Practice hands-on techniques for facilitating potent medicine making.
- Share traditional healing songs which are dedicated to, and indeed work inseparably with traditional plant medicines.
- Make traditional ceremonial plant preparations to take home.

Tuition for this workshop is $180

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