Traditional Shamanic Herbalism

A Long Distance Herbalism Certification Training

   February 20th & 21st, 2021 from 9 am - 5 pm (Pacific Coast Time) 

  Brittany Jade along with our Original Instructions teachers from around the world will share practical and accessible ways of preparing and administering plant medicines based on knowledge she has gleaned from living as a Midwife and Herbalist within various Indigenous cultures of the Americas.

   Learn directly with Indigenous women from North and South America while giving back to their families and communities !

  These traditional treatments are used for treating acute issues, healing past traumas as well as for increasing vitality and longevity. 

  During this day long workshop we will identify and learn about many medicinal plant allies from the Amazonian and Andean regions along with their North American counterparts. We will learn traditional ways of preparing and administering plant medicine and will have a hands on medicine making session towards the end of class. 

 By attending this class you will take away: 

  – Step by step information on how to prepare and administer at least 4 very relevant (yet largely unrecognized by western herbalism) plant treatments

  – Profiles of plant allies local to your area that can be substituted in any of the traditional treatments we cover

  – Theoretical and experiential knowledge of how to make your own Pusanga (traditional Shipibo preparation used during Ayahuasca diets). You will get to take your Pusanga home with you at the end of the day 

  – One integratabtle exercise for strengthening your personal connection to the Plant Nations every day.

  – An educated overview of Ethnobotany within the Americas over the past 500 years.

 *** When we share specific traditional Indigenous practices of certain Nations we always do so only with the permission and blessing of that community 

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