The Mama Bamba Way by Robyn Sheldon, Paperback

 The Mama Bamba Way is written by Midwife and Original Instructions Doula certification program guest instructor Robyn Sheldon.  

 Drawn from ancient traditions, contemporary studies, women’s innate wisdom, and prompting from unborn children, this natural birth methodology takes pregnant women on a journey to realize the power and pleasure of childbirth. By focusing on the richness and magic in birth and its potential to transform, this gentle guide helps expectant mothers develop awareness of self, of baby, and of each birthing moment. Techniques for creating a relationship with the baby in the womb, surrendering into labor through dance, and using meditation and visualization are explored within. This holistic reference, complete with inspirational stories and breathtaking photography, also includes advice on choosing the right birth and caregiver, deciding if a Caesarean is the right choice, and coping with the loss of a baby.