Postpartum/ Lactation Doula Certification, Chico, CA, Student Discount

  We offer discounts to our returning Original Instructions students

Receive an $80 Discount on our Postpartum/Lactation Doula certification training when you register for our Birth Doula certification training

Pay $280 tuition for Module 2 instead of $360

  If you are registered for and planning on attending our Module 1 ( Fertility, Pregnancy, and Birth) Doula certification program on October 20th-21st at the Vitamin Fox in Chico, CA then you are eligible to receive a returning student discount on our Module 2 (Postpartum Period and Lactation) Doula certification training at the Vitamin Fox on November 3rd-4th.

Spaces are limited. Pay $60 of your deposit to save your space in our Module 2 training

  Upon completing both Doula certification trainings and their requirements you will receive two separate certifications. Your certification for Module 1 is as a Holistic Birth Doula, and your certification for Module 2 is as a Postpartum and Lactation Doula.

  Congratulations for embarking on your journey as an Original Instructions Doula!

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