Plant Medicine Class: Singing the Medicine

Asheville, North Carolina

April 29th, 2018 from 6-8:30 pm



 ‘Singing the Medicine’ day long workshop with Brittany Jade:

  Nearly every religion and spiritual practice in the history of humanity has included at its’ apex the understanding that our reality as we know it has been created and shaped through light and sound. Recently, our modern science has verified this as fact.

  Humanity has been blessed with an extremely wide range of vocal abilities through which we as individuals assert and express ourselves in the World. And yet, despite our specialization in language as a species most of us are only accessing a small amount of the potential locked within our voices.



During this workshop Brittany Jade will guide us through a day long journey of uncovering and building our sound healing skill sets. Accessing our authentic voices allows us the ability to become morewhole as individuals, moresuccessful within our communities and more effective as healers. 

  This workshop is designed for holistic practitioners and individuals looking  to bring their practices and lives to the next level of clarity and precision.


 After spending the day in this workshop you can expect to take away:

– Greater access to your vocal range as well as tools to help you harness and direct it in a way that’s beneficial for your Life.

– Medicine songs to add to your tool kit for conducting healings, honoring our Ancestors and fortifying the inner self.

  – An extensive understanding of the role sound and Medicine Songs have played throughout human history.

  – Two stress relieving sound exercises which can be easily incorporated into daily life for greater vitality and longevity 

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