Original Instructions Internal Arts Retreat in the Amazon of Peru


*This price is a non-refundable deposit. Please see the full price and details below.

Training Dates:  August 1st-8th, 2018

Early Bird Price: $1,900/person (Must register before 7/1/18)

Regular Price: $2,100/person

A $600 non-refundable deposit is due to register and secure your spot.

Original Instructions Teacher: Brittany Jade, in collaboration with Christina Braid.

We are pleased to offer this Original Instructions Internal Arts Retreat in the Peruvian Amazon basin. During our time together we will explore the plants and fauna of the Peruvian Amazon Basin in the Province of Loreto, city of Iquitos.  You will come away from this immersion having had an educational experience with Curandero Don Juan Paima in the beautiful, powerful and intensely diverse ecosystem that is the Amazon.  You will sit among the plants whose spirits live,breathe, and give life and healing to people throughout the world. 

We will have various opportunities to experience traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies as well as see the vine in her natural state and prepare medicine with her in the traditional way.

Our Original Instructions teachers will provide you with daily hands-on trainings in the fields of botany, traditional shamanic herbalism, medicine making and more.  Each day you will learn from many plants and will build a relationship with one each day by preparing it as medicine, drinking its infusion, tasting its fruits, and learning its song. 

You will have personal time to speak with Curandero Don Juan about concerns that may be ailing you physically, spiritually or mentally. You will learn from him and participate as being either a witness or patient of his many shamanic healing offerings.

This Internal Arts Includes:

  • All lodging and food
  • All drinking water
  • Local transportation
  • 3 traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies
  • Daily lessons from local Indigenous Medicine people about traditional shamanic techniques
  • Daily lessons from our Original Instructions teachers
  • Individual time and healing session with Curandero Don Juan
  • Educational plant walks
  • All medicinal plants for your teas and baths
  • Hands-on reforesting activity
  • Daily lessons on traditional Ikaros (healing medicine songs)
  • All materials to for our make n’ take medicine making activities
  • Guided visit to the local plant market followed by a boat ride on the Amazon River


What is different about of Original Instructions retreats? 

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