Original Instructions Internal Arts Retreat in Iceland


*This price is a non-refundable deposit. Please see the full price and details below.

Dates: February 1st-7th, 2019

Early Bird Price: $2,150/person (Must register before 11/1/18)

Regular Price: $2,400/person

A $600 non-refundable deposit is due to register and secure your spot.

Join Original Instructions instructors Rachael Henrichsen and Brittany Jade and give yourself the gift of this detoxifying and rejuvenating Original Instructions Internal Arts Retreat beneath the majestic Aurora Borealis. Take the time to retreat into the transformational winter of the Icelandic countryside while delving into the hands-on practices of Chinese medicine, Chinese astrology and divination. This healing Internal Arts Retreat week includes comprehensive acupuncture and medicinal plant treatments for each attendee in addition to the invaluable education the Original Instructions School always provides.

During your retreat we will have the opportunity to stargaze and view the Northern Lights while honing your skills in traditional diagnostic methods according to Chinese medicine and the navigating of reality through divination and astrology. During our time together we will also nourish ourselves with a customized healing diet of whole foods and medicinal plants as we learn about their applicable constituents and method of preparation. Nearby sacred sites will provide us will an inspirational landscape for our Original Instructions field trips to historically relevant marvels of nature.

An important and unique aspect of our Original Instructions Icelandic Internal Arts Retreat is the amount of care given to each attendees’ personal healing and rejuvenation throughout the retreat. Daily doses of glacial mineral spring water filtered through volcanic rock, geothermal tub soaking and personalized healing treatments make this skills immersion week a holistic sensory experience as well as an educational adventure.

This Original Instructions Internal Arts Retreat Includes:

  • Luxurious retreat style accommodations situated at prime Northern Lights viewing location
  • Three nourishing meals per day made from local, whole and organic foods
  • Daily detox teas prepared from local medicinal plants
  • Daily classes from our Original Instructions teachers
  • Entrance into a volcanic crater, relaxing hot springs and historic waterfall
  • Morning Qi Gong for longevity classes
  • Personalized and comprehensive divination readings from our Original Instructions teachers
  • Personal acupuncture treatments base on your needs
  • Lessons from local Elders about the power of living and adapting to the long winters as well as the healing powers of mineral water
  • Personalized  herbal healing sessions in our private geothermal hot tub

*** If you are one of our students and wish to attend but do not have a financial means please contact me personally for further information.

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