Online Doula Certification Program, Module 1: Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth

Online Correspondence Doula Certification Program 

Module 1: Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth


  During this Original Instructions School Doula certification training you will receive invaluable knowledge about the birth process, as well as an extensive skill set for working with pregnant mothers and their families until their child(ren), have arrived in this world.   

Enroll in our online Doula Certification program with an initial payment of only $108 with our Tuition Payment Plan!

   Like all of our Original Instructions certification programs our Birth Doula certification training is committed to providing our students with an impeccable education while keeping the Original Instructions for humanity and ancestral wisdom as our guiding force.

   Our Doula certification curriculum is structured in a dynamic way which bridges evidence-based learning with remembering the wisdom of grandmothers past.

 To learn more about our Pregnancy, Labor and Birth Doula certification program click here.  

   Our online Doula Certification program consists of the same curriculum included in our in-person Doula certification training and is distributed through 24 'classroom' hours, which include

    -  12 instructional lessons of videos, text, activities, and assignments

    -  4  hour-long live lessons with Original Instructions teachers and guest speakers

     - 2  thirty minute-long personalized coaching sessions via phone call

     - Lessons and live webinar classes with our Original Instructions teachers, as well as with guest speakers and practitioners from across the globe.

     - Traditional storytelling, medicine songs, and other ceremonies relevant to birth and reproductive health

   Once you have registered for this Doula certification training you will receive your welcome email through which you will be able to schedule your first live webinar lesson with our Original Instructions teachers, thereby beginning your certification process. 

  Enroll in our Original Instructions Online Doula Certification program with an initial payment of only $108 with our tuition payment plan. 

   Your 12 instructional lessons will arrive in your inbox once a week, or as you complete them. As soon as your work from each lesson has been processed you will receive the next lesson. This approach allows students to at their own pace and completes more than one lesson per week if they wish to. Generally, our online Doula certification program is completed within 8-12 weeks. However, you have up to a year from the time you begin our correspondence course to complete all lessons and requirements necessary for you to receive your Doula certification.

    In addition to completing all online lessons, webinar classes, and conference calls we also require that our Doula students complete our Module 1 Required Reading List and sign our Standards of Care and Scope of Practice Agreement before receiving their Pregnancy and Birth Doula Certification.

   Enroll in our online Doula Certification program today by purchasing this Module (Fertility, Pregnancy, and Birth) 

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