Herbalism for Midwives and Birth Workers, Chico, CA

Traditional Herbalism Program

Herbalism for Midwives and Birth Workers


Chico, CA 


    This 40-hour holistic Herbalism certification program has been designed for Midwives, Doulas, OBs, and other people who currently care for (or would like to care for) childbearing women and their families.

    During our certification program, our students are able to learn extensively about how to identify, prepare and administer plant-based medicines which nourish and support the processes fertility, pregnancy, birth, lactation, and well woman care.

   As with all of the classes and certification programs offered by The Original Instructions School, this program has been developed by a collective of practitioners who share the understanding that human beings are healthiest when we live close with Nature.

Original Instructions School is excited to be offering our hour Herbalism for Doulas, Midwives, and Birth Attendants certification program in Chico, CA. This certification program unfolds over the course of 2 weekends (Sat and Sun from 9am to 6pm) dedicated to in-person training as well as 8 hours of long distance lessons and one on one mentorship. This format is designed to provide attendees with an immersion experience in which you are able to learn and practice in an integral way.

The in-person portion of this training will take place on

March 28th and 29th, 2020

and on

April 4th and 5th, 2020

  During your online Herbalism for Midwives and Birth Workers you will:

 * Identify and discuss the notable constituents of medicinal plants which ease and assist during conceptionpregnancy, birth, lactation, the postpartum, menses, and menopause.

  * Gain knowledge of how to identify, cultivate, harvest and prepare over 108 different medicinal plants.

  * Learn how to properly asses which plant treatments are applicable for various conditions related to women’s health.

  * Explore ways in which herbal medicines have been (and still are being) administered throughout the world in an ancient and non-westernized manner.

  * Experience and memorize pertinent traditional Indigenous ceremonies surrounding the birth spectrum and the incorporation of medicinal plants into that process. 

   * Practice making your own medicinal salves, balms, soaks, wraps, serums, scrubs, spritzers, steams, diaper cream, and other DIY natural products for your practice

   * Apply your knowledge of herbal medicine through practicing the ancient Chinese Medicine technique of MOXA.

    * Integrate your Original Instructions Herbalism Certification into your current (or future) practice with our end-of-the-program live conference call. 

Tuition for this certification program is $ 595

* For Information about our ongoing scholarship opportunities please email Brittany@OriginalInstructionsSchool.com.


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