Full Moon Remote Fertility Counselling


 Are you ready to create your new family but are having difficulties with your reproductive health or just in need of a health reboot for parenthood?

  Infertility is becoming an ever pervasive issue in westernized societies. While there are some conditions which may only be treated through the blessing of modern medicine, in many cases working with diet, stress levels, herbal medicines, uterine massage, and other traditional remedies work wonders.  

  Midwife, herbalist, and holistic practitioner Brittany Jade Gelinas provides fertility counselling for women and their families both in-person and remotely. To read more about Brittany click here.

  Enjoy a fertility consultation from the comfort of your own home or office with a remote consultation. Your consultations and fertility treatment sessions with Brittany will take place over video conference, and any special foods, herbal medicines, etc necessary for your treatment protocol will be shipped to you.


$108 usd for 90-minute intake consultation (includes most follow up remedies)

$45   usd  for 60-minute follow up treatment session(s)


* We offer sliding scale fees. If you would are in need of fertility counseling sessions lack funding please contact Brittany directly at Brittany@OriginalInstructionsSchool.com


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