Traditional Uterine Massage (for promoting wellness and fertility) Certification Training

 In Chico, CA

February 19th and 20th, 2022 from 10:00am to 4:00pm

   Infertility is becoming an ever pervasive issue within Westernized societies and certain socioeconomic groups of humans throughout the world. While there are some conditions which may only be treated through the blessing of modern medicine, in many cases working with diet, stress levels, herbal medicines, uterine massage, and other traditional remedies work wonders in regards to restoring female bodies to a healthy and juicy state of fertility. 

  Join Midwife, herbalist, and Original Instructions School founder Brittany Jade Wilson along with guest teachers Karen Tinta-Chunvislla and Rachael Henrichsen for an invaluable certification training in the traditional healing art of holistic uterine massage for maintaining reproductive wellness and a fertile state of being.  

  Original Instructions School is excited to again be offering our in-person Traditional Uterine Massage (for promoting wellness and fertility) Certification Training! In order to continue to serve our global community of mothers and their families during these uncertain times of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are offering our dynamic in-person Certification Training programs with health safety considerations in place. We are limiting the number of attendees in each in-person training, and will be asking each attendee to complete a quick COVID symptoms survey before arriving to class each day. Additionally, guest instructors Karen Tinta-Chunvislla and Rachael Henrichsen will be joining us to teach their lessons via live video conference from Peru and the US in order to further maximize your education experience while keeping your health in mind.

 If you would like to attend our Uterine Massage Certification training and are a returning Original Instructions School student or graduate please contact directly in order to receive your 25% off of tuition  for returning students.

 The Original Instructions School offers full and partial tuition scholarships for all of our certification trainings and classes. When considering who will receive our tuition scholarship opportunities in each certification training we give first priority to those students who are most likely to use their Original Instructions School certification(s) and knowledge gained in our classes to serve Indigenous communities and communities of color.

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