Doula Certification Training: Module 1

Doula Certification Training for Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth

April 28th and 29th, 2018  in Asheville, North Carolina
Cost: $330 
           *Pay your $60 deposit to reserve your spot today 

     Original Instructions School is proud to now be offering our comprehensive and well-rounded Doula Certification Program in the beautiful mountain town of Asheville, NC!
     Our impeccably thorough Doula Certification program is designed with a commitment to equipping our students with an expansive knowledge of both the biological process of birth as well as with an active connection to the wisdom of grandmothers past regarding women's reproductive health.

     During this two day workshop, Original Instructions teacher Brittany Jade Gelinas will train and inform attendees how to support, nourish and advocate for mothers and their families during

- Pregnancy
- Labor
- Birth

    Students receiving their Original Instructions Birth Doula Certification are also taught to;

- Practice herbal medicine and make medicinal spritzers, balms, baths, remedies and more
- Address and care for a history of sexual trauma with clients
- Support women experiencing a miscarriage or stillbirth
- Advocate for the reproductive rights of clients
- Practice traditional uterine massage when applicable 

 * To read more about what this training and our Birth Doula Certification involves please click here. 


Cost:  $330   or    $280  if you register before March 15th, 2018

*Pay your $60 deposit to reserve your spot today





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