Ready for building and enclosed, street accessible land in San Lorenzo, Yarinacocha, Peru, 350 Meters squared, FOR SALE $8000 USD

  This is a beautiful piece of land which measures 350 meters (3767.37 squared feet) and is located just outside of the charming Amazonian town of Yarinacocha, Peru (about 25 minutes from the larger town of Pucallpa, Peru) in a small pueblo named San Lorenzo.

   The lot is contained within a rural area that has been cleared for residential use, and which has been designated for doctors, nurses, farmers, and caretakers of the community. Most of the surrounding neighbors use their land primarily for farming. However, there are currently 3 neighbors who occupy their land full time. 

  This piece of property is already accessible by car or motorbike and neighbors the lot containing our community well and electricity access. Therefore, if you choose to connect running electricity and irrigation through the property you will need only to connect it from several yards away. 

   Since buying this property several years ago, when we was living in this region of Peru, we have made space for building structures, planted various medicinal plants, and enclosed the property with fencing

    We have a wonderful relationship with our adjacent land neighbors, who are also currently building on their land, speak English, and are happy to talk about the possibility of caretaking the land when you are away.


We are asking $8,000 USD

  This opportunity is ideal for someone who would like to spend at least a couple of months out of the year living in the Amazon while volunteering, practicing plant medicine, and/or volunteering.

   Also ideal for people who currently run retreats near Pucallpa and would like to have more space to host ceremonies and/or cultivate medicinal plants.

*If you feel called to this opportunity but lack the total amount of funds we will consider payment plans on a case by case basis and with a down payment.

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*we charge a non-refundable $10 application processing fee.

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