Traditional Shamanic Herbalism - 8 Class Series

We are so excited to be offering our Traditional Shamanic Herbalism class series during August of 2022 - Agosto, la mes de la PachaMama! 

This class series is comprised of a total of 16 classroom hours (8 classes total), and 4 hours of one on one long-distance mentourship. 

All Classes in this series will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6pm-8pm in August of 2022.

Exact dates and times of this series are as follows;

August 1st and 3rd, August 8th and 10th, August 22nd and 24th, August 29th and 31st

Join us for this invaluable and exciting class series, dedicated to all of the Benevolent Plant Spirits.
Through our Traditional Shamaic Herbalism class series we will take a deep dive into traditional Indigenous foundational principles, energetics, and hands on skills in regards to medicinal plants ----> The Plant Nations. Together we will remember the ancient ways of preparing and administering Plant Medicine, thereby providing potency to your practice(s) within the realms of Herbalism.
Each class in this series will consist of a combination of theoretical information, hands on practice, and guided ceremonies. Every week in this series we will be joined by guest instructors from the WNC area, who will share their varying relationships with Traditional Shamanic Herbalism.

Traditional Shamanic Herbalism series;
Class 1 (Aug 1):
 Foundations of Traditional Indigenous Shamanic Herbalism with Brittany Jade - During this class we will explore the foundational principles of the cultivation, preparation, and administration of Medicinal Herbal Allies as congruent with the vast majority of Indigenous humans. In many Indigenous Nations in South America August 1st is "El dia de la PachaMama", or "The day of Mother Earth". During this class we will also perform an offering of Herbal Allies to La PachaMama in a traditional Indigenous manner. 
Class 2 (Aug 3):
Singing Your Medicine with Brittany Jade -Medicine songs, Ikaros, and chanting of all kinds are integral to, and in many cases inseparable from, the preparation and administration of medicinal Herbal Allies. During this class we will learn about the importance of channeling your voice and sound in ways that invite the Spirits of the Plant Nations into our Herbal preparations. Pusanga is a traditional herbal preparation which is integral to many traditional Indigenous humans of the Amazon. In many cases, the pusanga(s) become another "vehicle" through which the participant in the ceremony receives the Ikaros (medicine songs) of the Shaman. Each participant in this class will have the opportunity to prepare their own pusanga in a traditional manner with Herbal Allies 🌱.
Class 3 (Aug 8):
Entering the Lodge with Brittany Jade -Sweatlodges and smudging, in their many forms, are some of the most ancient ways which humans have come to receive physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits from the Plant Nations. During this class we will learn the whys and hows of preparing and receiving such forms of plant medicine without culturally appropriating. Each participant will take home their own smudge bundle made from plant allies long known to their Indigenous Ancestors. 
Class 4 (Aug 10):
Flower Essences, and Accessing the Inner Eye with Brittany Jade and Ekaterina Rodriguez -  Preparing flower essences as a way to administer vibrational medicine from the Plant Nations is ancient, and examples of them can be found throughout traditional Indigenous cultures. During this class we will learn the foundations of what a flower essence is as well as how to prepare and administer them in a traditional manner. We will also learn about specific essences which are known to facilitate dreamwork, astral travel, and shamanic vision. Each participant will take home a flower essence. 
Class 5 (Aug 22):
  Entheogenic Plant Nations with Brittany Jade and Breina Pearl -It is said that certain Plant Allies are our Grandmothers and Grandfathers - elders and teachers of those who many need to heal from symptoms of disease, and untie their respective knots of ancestral trauma. Some of these entheogenic Plant Allies, such as Ayahuasca, Wachuma (San Pedro) Peyote, and Mushrooms have 'gone viral' within the past decades. As Westernized humans continue to make contact with and interact with said Plant Allies much is being lost in translation (literally and metaphorically). During this class we will be learning about these Grandmothers and Grandfathers through a traditional Indigenous lense.
Class 6 (Aug 24):
 Herbal Allies 🌱 and Amulets with Brittany Jade - For those humans who are actively participating in shamanic practices, it is traditional (for a good reason!) that they likewise cultivate strong practices in regards to their own boundaries and protection. During this class we will learn about Herbal Allies which are traditionally incorporated into ceremonies and preparations for the purposes of protection. Each participant in this class will take home a herbal amulet.
Class 7 (Aug 29):
Service with Brittany Jade and Rachael Henrichsen - Traditional Indigenous shamanic practices and ceremonies are generally offered with the spirit of service - service to one's community and to the Earth. Together we will explore Herbal Allies which have been and are still offered to others in the spirit of service. Each participant will have the opportunity to receive an herbal foot bath. 
Class 8 (Aug 31): 
  Initiation with Brittany Jade - During our last class together in this series we will be learning about traditional shamanic initiations in regards to the Plant Nations. We will practice various ways of facilitating initiation ceremonies (that work!) without culturally appropriating. Each participant in this class will have the opportunity to experience a traditional Shamanic initiation ceremony.




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