Holistic Herbalist Certification Training

A Long-Distance Holistic Herbalist Certification Training

    Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-7:30 (Pacific Coast Time) 

Class Begins: Tuesday January 3rd, 2022

  Original Instructions School founder Brittany Jade, along with our Original Instructions teachers from around the world, will share practical and accessible ways of identifying, preparing, and administering plant medicines based on traditional Indigenous protocols and knowledge of the Plant Nations. This Holistic Herbalist certification training has been born from our school founder's passion for delivering information and training in the fields of Herbalism and health from the perspective of Indigenous medicine women. 

Receive your Holistic Herbalist Certification by studying directly with Indigenous women from North and South America while giving back to their families and communities !

  Our Holistic Herbalist certification training will have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a duration of 12 consecutive weeks. We intentionally keep even our online classes to a personable size so that every participant is sure to experience highly personalized classes which will better serve them as practitioners in their respective communities. Although we do prefer that all participants are present for our live classes we do understand that things come up, and will allow you to make up a missed class through accessing the live recording.  includes :

      - 48 hours of live (online) classroom training

      - 4 hours of one on one mentorship (video calls)

      - 1 personalized graduation call with all of your teachers 

      - 1 Original Instructions Holistic Herbalist certificate (mailed to you)

      - Ongoing support and resources to serve you on your journey as a certified Original Instructions Holistic Herbalist

 *** When we share specific traditional Indigenous practices of certain Nations we always do so only with the permission and blessing of that community 

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